10-DAYS YOGA BODYWORKER with JAMBO & BRIAN in CHIANG MAI,THAILAND, Jirung Health Village, ศุกร์, 18. ตุลาคม 2019

YOGA BODYWORKER training is for people who want to learn how to heal themselves so they can learn how to help heal others. 
YOGA BODYWORKER graduates are equipped with educational and practical tools that enhance movement within themselves and their clients. By exploring your own asymmetries, injuries, and Anatomy through 10 Days of Yoga, Bodywork, & Ceremony, it becomes easier to know how to prescribe Yoga postures and appropriate bodywork to speed up recovery and improve intrinsic mobility patterns.
You will be trained to understand, feel, and see Anatomy, Breath and Movement Patterns in a whole new way. You will learn to feel how the relationships of muscular/fascial patterns shape the Physical body and how it moves and breathes

Training will be conducted in ENGLISH

Please bring along your YOGA MAT, 1 BLOCK , 1 LONG STRAP, 1 BLANKET to make into a roll for daily morning yoga session & afternoon. 

RETURN student of BW part 1, please email info@aimyoga.co to get promo code 50%, no additional discount applicable for this repeat promo

We also help to arrange accomodation with meals with the resort, should you be interested. Please email chester@aimyoga.co or info@aimyoga.co (subject: ChiangMai BW Accomodation)

ศุกร์, 18. ตุลาคม 2019, Jirung Health Village, 10-DAYS YOGA BODYWORKER with JAMBO & BRIAN in CHIANG MAI,THAILAND

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