AD BUYERS BANGKOK MEETUP 2019, Levels Nightclub, พฤหัสบดี, 05. ธันวาคม 2019

The Ad Buyers Meetup is coming to Bangkok! 
Want to start a conversation with industry-leading experts, innovative
entrepreneurs, and savvy marketers? The Ad Buyers Meetup is the
place to do it.
What started as a small meetup for members of the
Facebook Ad Buyers Group has grown into a networking juggernaut.
Each event is bigger and better than the last, and we’re making sure
you enjoy every value-packed minute of it.
The Bangkok 2019 Meetup will be held in the ultra premium Levels
Nightclub - Venue will be filled to capacity, drinks will be flowing, and
genius will be shared. Sponsors will get the best tables, open bar
service, extensive branding, marketing opportunities, and can
guarantee entry for their friends and clients. If you are interested in securing a sponsor table, please contact us at

This is one party you don't want to miss!

พฤหัสบดี, 05. ธันวาคม 2019, Levels Nightclub, AD BUYERS BANGKOK MEETUP 2019

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