BPW International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2018, ประเทศไทย, อังคาร, 30. ตุลาคม 2018

Business and Professional women members of BPW in Asia-Pacific and World-wide are invite to attend BPW International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2018 (APRC 2018) under the theme “Empowering Women to Realize the Sustainable Development Goals” 30 Oct - 1 Nov 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand to exchange ideas, networking and formulating strategies to make a difference.

The social events included in the full 3 days registration of APRC2018 are fabulous cultural show at Siam Niramitr, Half Day tour of Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple, dinner on Chaopraya River Cruise and Gala dinner with Thai silk fashion show and other spectacular Cultural show.

Save the date now. Registration will open at the end of February 2018 and the first 200 persons who register from abroad will get 100 Euro discount!

Before and after the conference, participants are invite to explore Thailand and enjoy sight seeing, tasting great food, shopping for fabulous Thai silks and at the end of the day, relax with Thai massage.

Come to solve the mystery why Bangkok is named the #1 Tourist Destination of the World!

For more information, please contact APRC2018@googlegroups.com

อังคาร, 30. ตุลาคม 2018, ประเทศไทย, BPW International Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2018

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