Cross-Cultural Training, how to adapt to the others in Asia? Bangkok Session, Brasserie 9, อังคาร, 12. พฤษภาคม 2020

Leading a Team, or Working as a Team-Member in an intercultural context is never an easy challenge. This Seminar aims at helping Foreigners or Thai people to learn how to adapt to different culture(s). To avoid cliches and stereotypes, this 2 days seminars will focus first on a deep understanding of what inter-culturality is, not by using opinions, but using a metric approach, initiated by Geert Hofstede, and his approach of Cultural Dimensions. Some additional authors will be used to illustrate and define cultures. On a second part, we will be defining each and every personality type of the persons attending the training, thanks to the MBTI®, to help them understanding better their own communication and how to adapt it to their current or future environment.

Detailed program
DAY 1 (May, 10th): a Macro-approach of intercultural interactions.09:00-12:15 / 13:30-17:00
Awareness of cultural differences
Definitions of communication, culture and cross-cultural about : origins and risks.
Knowledge about cultural differences
Levels of culture : identity, values, beliefs, skills, behavior and of culture : symbols, heroes, rituals and groups.The six dimensions of culture according to Geert Hofstede. Examples of Comparison between Thai Culture and European, American, Oceanian cultures.
Intersession: you will be sent the link to have the MBTI step 1 online questionnaire, that we will use the second day.
Day 2 (May, 17th): How to adapt to different cultures09:00-12:15 / 13:30-16:00
General Remarks, and sociological aspects
Who adapts to who ?What are our reactions to the host culture : flight, dependency, fight, adaptation.The stages of adaptation to a new culture : euphoria, culture shock…How we evaluate the visitor’s culture : curiosity, ethnocentrism, polycentrism, xenophilia.
Introduction to the Myers Briggs Personality Instrument.
MBTI®, understanding preferences:

Extraversion / Introversion
Sensing / Intuition
Thinking / Feeling
Judging / Perceiving

How to read your individual report, verify and understand your own type.
The implications of your own personality type regarding to your relationships with others, your communication type, and how to improve them:

The attitudes to adopt.
The skills to develop.

Questions and Answers To Go Further Wrap Up

Practical exercises to raise awareness of the intangible cultural based on synthetic cultures for cross-cultural is provided to support the training.

Venue and Organization
The Brasserie 9 is a very nice place where to have seminars, rest, have lunch or dine. This venue is near to the BTS Chong Nonsi, andalso offers a very wide free parking accomodation with warden. For your comfort, cigar room, bar, lounge are available for your breaks, or after training networking.
This seminar includes:

A welcoming morning coffee and two coffee breaks with finger foods buffet.
A 2 courses light lunch, served with non-alcoholic beverages (choices will be sent to you after registration)

Please note:
This seminar requires a minimum of 4 attendees. In case of less people attending, you will be offered to transfer your seat to a next is bending, there is no refund, except exceptional case, examined and agreed by the French ask your receipts (if needed) in advance, which will be issued by the French Headquarters.

อังคาร, 12. พฤษภาคม 2020, Brasserie 9, Cross-Cultural Training, how to adapt to the others in Asia? Bangkok Session

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