Full-Day Live Digital Marketing Masterclass in Chiang Mai!, Punspace Tha Phae Gate, เสาร์, 14. กันยายน 2019

Register Today to Master Digital Marketing in 1-Day.
Join Chiang Mai’s first-ever private Digital Marketing Seminar and workshop including 8+ hours of private instruction from a Silicon Valley Digital Marketing expert, a 60-page workbook, take-home HD video lessons, catered lunch and more. In partnership with PunSpace. 
Whether you’re a restaurant/bar owner, a startup founder, or an entrepreneur, Digital Marketing will grow undoubtedly your business exponentially. The problem is that Chiang Mai isn’t close to the cutting edge in Marketing. You could spend months researching and testing best practices online or spend thousands traveling to classes abroad, or simply join visiting Silicon Valley Marketer Andrew Lee Miller in Chiang Mai’s first-ever, full-day, in-depth Digital Marketing Masterclass. The class is 80% cheaper than the other Digital Marketing certifications out there, yet taught by a 15-year successful Digital Marketing specialist who’s driven 3 multimillion-dollar startup exits. Live and in Chiang Mai for the first-ever time. Get expert instruction, curated to your business. 
Join Andrew Lee Miller, as he teaches a full day of in-depth workshops on:

Search Engine Optimisation – how EXACTLY to optimise your website to rank higher on Google for the keywords that will change your business forever.

Google Adwords – how to design search and display advertising on Google’s ad platform and how to optimise them for best results using web analytics.

Facebook Advertising- How to build real Facebook Advertising campaigns that convert. What to look for and how to not waste tons of money on testing.

Social Media Marketing – how to grow your social media using cutting edge tools. How to advertise, write, manage and optimise social media marketing campaigns on different social media channels.

Email Marketing –  How to build an email list, how to design an effective email, segment your audience base and optimise your email marketing for performance.

Growth Hacking– How exactly to drive growth without spending any money. How to build virality into your customer experience. How to be aggressive with your marketing and find new partnerships and opportunities to build your business digitally for free.

Content Marketing – how to design compelling, unique and shareable content for different kinds of target markets. How to build a content marketing strategy and get it off the ground.

PR Marketing- How to save thousands by becoming your own PR agency. Master how to build a targeted press list, relationships with the people telling the stories in your industry, and effectively craft a press releases.

Influencer Marketing- This is the ONLY class in Thailand teaching the fastest growing strategy in Digital Marketing! Learn how to find and hire and barter with social media Influencers, how much to offer them and how to perfect the content they create. 

And more! Over 6 hours of instruction, a 50+ page workbook, video lessons to take home and more. Andrew will curate the class agenda a week before the class based on attendee feedback, what their businesses are and more. The class will be customized.

What’s included: 

6+ hours of private instruction. Customized lessons to your business.  

Dozens of in-depth, actionable lessons on over 10 different Digital Marketing channels.

A 60 page interactive workbook and take home video lessons.

A catered lunch and coffee break provided by Punspace.

A customized Certificate Of Completion of the Masterclass.

Networking hour after class with Andrew and other local business owners.

Cost: 7,500 THB for non-Punspace members and 5,000THB for Punspace members (lunch and coffee break inclusive) 
You cannot afford to skip this one-day masterclass!

  For reviews of this class click here.

For questions email me@andrewstartups.com or contact@punspace.com

About The Teacher:
Andrew Lee Miller, AKA @AndrewStartups is a Small Business and Startup Marketing Expert from San Francisco with over 13 years' experience.
Having lead Marketing & Growth on dozens of projects from Dubai to Silicon Valley, and everywhere in between, Andrew has had 3 successful startup exits (read: plural!) as Head of Marketing and eventually founded his own marketing consultancy, AndrewStartups. As a consultant, he’s launched and scaled growth channels for tech projects in over 10 countries and has advised on Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing at startup incubators around the globe. Andrew has worked with 500startups and Y Combinator on projects and has also written for Startup Grind, Startup Nation and more.

Andrew has taught Growth Marketing in over 15 countries including Nigeria, UAE, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia and more since 2010.
Learn more by Google AndrewStartups (one word).

เสาร์, 14. กันยายน 2019, Punspace Tha Phae Gate, Full-Day Live Digital Marketing Masterclass in Chiang Mai!

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