Global University Student Conference: Recent Admits Forum, S31 Sukhumvit Hotel, อังคาร, 05. มิถุนายน 2018

The Global University Student Conference is a student-run event showcasing Bangkok's recent admits to highly selective US and UK universities. Founded in 2017 as the first event of its kind to be held in Bangkok, the conference celebrates the accomplishments of the next generation of leaders from Bangkok, while also sharing unique insights into the application processes from a student perspective. At this event, you can personally interact with successful students from a variety of international schools to examine their case studies while gaining their perspective and advice on the application processes.

This year's amazing and diverse list of featured speakers!
     - Alessandro Pruegel from NIST, Oxford University     - TBD from (---), (-----) University      - Miku Suga from SHB, Brown University      - Kazuki Mogi form ISB, Stanford University     - Jessie Mahadumrongkul from BPS, University of California, Berkeley     - Nat Nichanun Puapattanakajorn from ASIS, University of Pennsylvania      - Cedric Lapine from ISB, University of Michigan      - TBD from (---), Amherst College     - Nandini Mittal from NIST, Claremont McKenna College
Other than their general take on the application process, our speakers will also be covering aspects of the college application process such as: 
     - Leadership positions within and outside of school      - Independent projects and internships      - Choosing the right university/college for you      - Preparing for the interview process     - Balancing academics with the above

Time:7pm onwards, 7th June 2017

Location:S31 Sukhumvit Hotel (BTS Prong Phong)

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อังคาร, 05. มิถุนายน 2018, S31 Sukhumvit Hotel, Global University Student Conference: Recent Admits Forum



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