Risk Management For Financial Institutions, Bangkok, พุธ, 25. กันยายน 2019

This interactive workshop course is apt for participants working in and with financial institutions which are trying to keep pace with developments in risk management, digital disruptions and technological advancement as well as the growing pressures of regulatory, governance and compliance issues. It engages the participants in examining the failures of risk management and governance and drives forth the case that managing risks holistically with a proper risk culture and framework is imperative to the survival of a bank or a financial institution.
Better (and safer) risk management in financial institutions has never been more demanding since the financial crisis began in 2007-08. Facing calamity after calamity, scandal after scandal, the banking industry has come under public and regulatory scrutiny over the fails in risk management. Intended to be edu-training, the course offers a pragmatic understanding of bank risk management with less quan-toxication and more qualitative rationalization. Upon completion of course, participants will be able to:

Have (re) examined the underlying key concepts in bank risk management and the fails in riskmanagement, governance and regulations as evidenced over the last seven years

Appreciate the challenges faced by banking industry in restoring trust and fixing its structuralflaws so to be better prepared for future calamities

Draw lessons from the financial crisis and earlier bank "mishaps" so to improve the riskmanagement culture and discipline in the light of new regulatory, governance and compliancepressures imposed on the banking institution

Who should attend                          
All individuals who want to improve their value-adding effectiveness to the financial institution's success and acquire mastery of sound risk management practices should attend this course

CEOs, head of business units, advisors and business consultants
Managers from financial institutions like banks, NBFCs, insurance, asset management companies
Non-finance professionals from sales, marketing, risk, human resources, operations, investorrelations, production, IT and legal departments etc to understand the importance of riskmanagement
Any other professional who is committed to the drive for better (and safer) bank management

Non-theoretical methodology which includes interactive discussions, case studies, interactive games and assignments to understand the concepts and their applicability.
All our trainers are carefully chosen by us and possess a rich and vast experience in the financial sector. This course will be conducted by a renowned consultant having more than 35 years of experience in financial markets and training. Until recently, he served for many years as the Regional Director Singapore chapter and Global Board of the Professional Risk Managers International Association.
Course Content

Module – 1
Banking Life after 2007 – The root causes, the industry/regulatory reforms, and the new challenges

Why the 2007 crisis has not ended? FromCrisis to Crisis, from Scandal to Scandal
The Industry and Regulatory Responses(Present and Evolving), Basel III,Insolvency II, Dodd-Frank and othersound practices
Staying relevant and ahead in the fourthIndustrial Revolution - Digitization,Artificial Intelligence and the Internet ofThings, Open-Banking propositions

Module – 2
The Risks in Banks

A Refresher of risks faced by banks,particularly their interactive and extendednature
Mastering the Risk Language of the NewBusiness Ecosystem
MLCOs (Market, Liquidity, Counter partyand Operational Risks) - Not to beaddressed in isolation
The journey from Asset/LiabilityManagement (A/LM) to Integrated orEnterprise Risk management (ERM)
Managing risks with and in the use ofCollateral

Module – 3
Inside the Risk Management Toolbox

Basic methodologies and instruments inrisk management
The need to re-fit the tools to address riskseffectively
The application of gap, duration, Value atRisk (VaR) and Economic Shortfall inmarket risk management and theiradaptations in other risk spaces
Equating Probability of Default and LossGiven Default to Credit Exposure atDefault
Models Do Fail. Recognizing the valuesand limitations of modeling
Be Stressed, Be Prepared - Acknowledgingthe Known Unknowns and UnknownUnknowns

Module – 4
Derivatives – Destruction or Deliverance

Managing risks with and in the use ofDerivatives
How Derivatives work – and don’t work.A beneath-the-skin appreciation of simpleand structured derivative transactions
Option without Tears. How to reckon thepresence and value of the option trade

Module – 5
XVAs - Growing new risk valuation acronyms – Do They Matter?

LCR (Liquidity Risk Coverage) and NSFR (Net Stable Funding Ratio)

Module – 6
Governance, Risk, and Compliance – the GRC Equation in managing the bank enterprise

Making a strong case for effective GRC
The rise and rise of Conduct Risk
Mind the Reputation Gap
Business Continuity and Regulatory/Legal Pressures
Drawing from recent history and the distant past of bank mismanagement

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พุธ, 25. กันยายน 2019, Bangkok, Risk Management For Financial Institutions

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