Targeting Excellence in Science Learning , Bangkok Patana School, ศุกร์, 21. กุมภาพันธ์ 2020

The Association for Science Education (UK) in partnership with Philip Harris and Bangkok Patana School is hosting a conference on “Targeting Excellence in Science Learning” in February 2020.  Very rarely in Asia do we get such a superb CPL opportunity for Primary and Secondary science educators and school science technicians.
Keynote speakers include

Professor Sir John Holman - ASE President and lead author of the EEF 'Improving Secondary Science' report
Professor Christine Harrison - Past Chair of the ASE Research Committee and specialist in assessment and cognitive acceleration
Jane Turner - Director of the Primary Science Quality Mark initiative and Associate Professor at the University of Hertfordshire
Ian Stuart - former teacher and founder/CEO of Atomic School which is a pioneering initiative bringing fundamental atomic theory to the primary classroom.
Jackie McKie - Technical Support Manager Philip Harris and Unilab, involved with technician training and product development

The conference also features a special strand for technicians on the Friday only, including workshops by Philip Harris' chief product developer.
Ticket prices for non-ASE members include 1 year complimentary ASE membership!

Please email Contact CPL@ with any conference queries.

ศุกร์, 21. กุมภาพันธ์ 2020, Bangkok Patana School, Targeting Excellence in Science Learning

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